Our ministry began over 130 years ago!

Although our church has undergone change, we have continued spread GOD’s message of love through our community and world.    The Overbrook Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in the spring of 1885 in a school house. Twenty names were presented the day of organization. Reverand Quayle preached the first sermon.

In 1888, a building was erected in Overbrook. At the laying of the cornerstone, the names of previous pastors and members of the Board of Trustees was placed in it. The building was dedicated in 1890. A Ladies’ Aid society was organized the same year.

By 1898, the church membership had grown to 130. The property was valued at $3,000 and was practically debt free. The church building was remodeled in 1906 and rededicated in April, 1907. A new parsonage was built in 1925-26.

The 50th Anniversary of the Ladies’ Aid Society was celebrated in 1940 by joining Women’s Foreign and Home Missonary Societies to form the Women’s Society of Christian Service.

The history and early beginnings include two groups who joined with the Methodist Church. These groups were the Church of the Brethren,which joined in 1936, and the 1st Congregational Church of Overbrook which united on Sunday, September 14, 1940.

In 1983, the present church was built. The major donation was through a generous memorial bequest from George and Grace Branson.

Overbrook United Methodist Church is in the Five Rivers District of the Great Plains Conference. The Great Plains Conference cover the entirety of Kansas and Nebraska.